About TRAC advantEDGE

The concept for an entirely new approach to wind turbine blade maintenance and repair has been accomplished. Research highlighted how serious the issue of Leading Edge Erosion is in the industry and how ineffective current solutions are. With our team’s experience of composites and blade design, and an understanding of the limitations of working at height, the enormity and complexity of the challenge was clear, yet we knew that cutting edge technology offered the potential of a faster, better, more cost effective way to tackle the problem.

The concept of advantEDGE was born following consultations with many of the most experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals regarding the benefits of prefabrication and automation. Through, several key strategic partnerships with a range of sector specialists and many months of research, development and testing, the advantEDGE solution has evolved and is now a highly durable, modular repair solution which is available to owners, operators, ISPs and OEMs.

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About TRAC

TRAC advantEDGE is a wholly owned subsidiary of TRAC International, which was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Aberdeen, delivering first class engineering products and services operating in key business sectors through three divisions, Oil & Gas, Engineering and Radio Design. The group currently has offices in the UK, Brazil, Australia, China, India and Norway.



Our key values are Service, Safety, Quality and Innovation with a core focus on providing high calibre technical solutions in difficult environments.