Blade Trials

web-moduleTRAC advantEDGE have agreed to be part of a collaborative industry trial between suppliers, utilities, and academia. An eroded blade from a decommissioned windfarm will be taken to a well-respected Scottish University where, using new technology, it will be scanned and from this TRAC will be able to produce and manually fit advantEDGE erosion shields.

DNV-GL Approve Testing Program

DNV-gl letterPutting a full qualification (test) program together to prove the suitability of a leading edge protection system is not a simple process. But TRAC advantEDGE have been working closely with DNV-GL and STRUCTeam, to come up with exactly that.

DNV-GL have now assessed the material testing plan and issued a statement that the qualification program fulfils the requirements stated for rotor blades for wind turbines. (Section 3.3.8 DNVGL-ST-0376.) It is believed TRAC advantEDGE are the first company to achieve this milestone.

Highly Successful Erosion Tests Completed

web-erosion-testProving any leading edge solution that will last the life of the turbine is not a simple process. Accelerated, rain erosion test rigs where a glass fibre profile is coated with a test product, and spun round at a high angular velocity is currently the best method. advantEDGE have recently tested their solution using the Polytech test rig and have found it will last over 10 times longer than current blade material. This is a great result as advantEDGE is one of the only available solutions where the erosion protection of the rain effected surface is not dependant on the environmental condition it was originally applied in. This is also just the start as further tests are planned where more improvements have been implemented to further increase the life. This is just part of a much wider program of erosion and environmental condition trials currently being carried out.

Welcome. . .

TRAC advantEDGE are pleased to announce a new member of staff who has recently joined the team.

Tom Kent, Engineering Manager joins us from Centrica where he held the post of Senior Wind Turbine Engineer.

Please join us in giving Tom a warm welcome, we are delighted to have him on board.

In the news

Fantastic article in the Press and Journal this week about advantEDGE.

To view it in more detail please click on the link below.


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