All OEMs are working on solutions to combat leading edge erosion, but here is an opportunity to bypass approximately 2 years of research and development. When your customers are demanding a solution now, do you have the time to waste on development while you lose future sales? Expand on your business by offering advantEDGE as your service solution, to current and future clients and to capture the market share from your competitors.

web-adhesiveThe whole wind industry is facing an End of Warranty (EOW) precipice, whole wind farms are in need of expensive repair, and owners are not happy with the current repair offerings, which means the OEMs are potentially facing many years of expensive repairs to come. The solution is advantEDGE.

advantEDGE are looking for OEM partnerships as this will bring the required solutions to the turbines which need it, more quickly and efficiently. This will also reduce the cost to the OEM and the customer in the long run.

web-sandingadvantEDGE is not only a great solution for reducing repair time of current surface damage it will but also protect against erosion for up to 20 years*. This innovative repair and protection system can offer up to 70% reduction in blade maintenance costs over the life of a wind turbine, to reduce downtime, recover lost efficiency and increase the lifespan of your blades.

To find out about partnership options or how to become an advantEDGE approved installer contact us now or alternatively call +44 (0)1698 831111.


*at least 20 year statement is the average predicted life calculated by industry experts. Actual results will depend on factors including tip speed and annual rainfall. Field results may end up either higher or lower than this value but erosion trials have been shown to last in the region of 10 time longer than conventional blade material.