advantEDGE is not only a great solution for reducing repair time of current surface damage it will also protect against erosion for up to 20 years*. This innovative repair and protection system can offer up to 70% reduction in blade maintenance costs over the life of a wind turbine, to reduce downtime, recover lost efficiency and increase the lifespan of your blades.

web-sandingAs an owner or operator there are various ways to schedule installation of advantEDGE erosion shield modules on your turbine blades. We can do the whole job for you, where you will sleep safely in the knowledge that you are using experienced professionals. Or if you run an internal blade repair team, we offer the option for your team to qualify as Approved Installers which enables them to install erosion shields on all your wind farm assets.

If your company contracts blade maintenance and repairs to an external supplier, that service company can also be easily and quickly qualify as an Approved Installer, which will allow them to install the modules on your turbines. If you don’t currently work with a preferred supplier, we will identify an advantEDGE Approved Installer for you.


web-adhesiveIf your company purchases new turbine blades but are unable to obtain blades with advantEDGE erosion shields pre-installed, you can schedule the installation of advantEDGE prior to commissioning and reduce the cost of your blade maintenance and repair contracts.

Finally, if LE repairs are required at EOW we would recommend that owners/operators insist on the installation of advantEDGE erosion shields, as a more cost effective, durable alternative for both the warranty provider and asset owner.

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*at least 20 year statement is the average predicted life calculated by industry experts. Actual results will depend on factors including tip speed and annual rainfall. Field results may end up either higher or lower than this value but erosion trials have been shown to last in the region of 10 time longer than conventional blade material.